Code. Design. Make.

Children are innately curious; exploring and discovering the world everyday. Their imaginative minds are always full of interesting ideas. By exploring and questioning everything around them, they learn very quickly at their age. Sometimes, children do not realise their full potential until we provide them with the right platform to discover, excel and shine bright – the main reason for Codomo’s formation.

Codomo is this platform. Our mission is to unleash the innovation in every child by inculcating computational thinking and design thinking. We want children to make incredibly innovative things from their untainted perspectives, and to have loads of fun while learning.

As pioneer students of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), we have great exposure to the two great universities in United States and China (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Zhejiang University). Problem solving through design thinking is deeply rooted in us. As the world ascends with complexity, design thinking is a skill highly sought after in many modern industries. It takes more than just a great academic qualification to solve these problems. Our team wants to inculcate this skill in children at an early age and guide them through creative and critical thinking.

Potato Pirates is a swash-buckling card game of logic and strategy – a lethal combination of potatoes, programming, and piracy perfect for the classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends. It teaches anyone age 6 & up, 10 hours worth of programming concepts in 30 minutes, all without a computer!

Computer programming is becoming an essential 21st-century skill and we want as many people to learn this valuable skill, but we don’t need another mobile application encouraging kids to be glued to their iPads. Moreover, computers may not be as easily accessible to children in other parts of the world and certain schools lack the resources to give students access to these computers to learn programming. Most of all, we wanted a social medium to bring kids and parents, students and teachers, beginners and experts together to have fun while learning from one another.

We launched the product on KickStarter in September and it was a runaway success. We got over 5000 parents and educators from all over the world (such as USA, Finland and UK) buying the game to teach their kids programming. We have customised curriculum that will help people, who played the game, transition into different popular programming languages such as Python and Java.